Previous project participations

  • Large-scale data analytics for wireless networking research
    ERCIM fellowship project, 2014-2015 at SICS
  • MODE: Commuter flow modeling
    National (Swedish) Vinnova project, 2014-2015 at SICS
  • UNIFY: Unifying cloud and carrier networks
    EU FP7 DG CONNECT project, 2014-2015 at SICS
  • SCAMPI: Service platform for social aware mobile and pervasive computing
    EU FP7 FIRE project, 2012-2013 at Aalto University
  • e-VENETs: Electric vehicle networks — future networking for low-emission human mobility
    EU FP7 Euro-NF specific joint research project, 2011-2012 at University of Vienna
  • MOPP-NET: Realistic mobility modeling for opportunistic computing
    EU FP7 Euro-NF specific joint research project, 2010-2011 at University of Vienna
  • Resource-efficient mobility prediction
    Bilateral French-Austrian AMADEUS project, 2009-2010 at University of Vienna
  • CAMYM: Context-aware mobility in wireless mesh networks
    EU FP7 Euro-NF specific joint research project, 2008-2009 at University of Vienna
  • SoftNet: Self-adaptive software (use case telecommunication systems)
    National (Austrian) project, 2007-2008 at University of Vienna